CPS Solutions – Customer Success Stories

We’re dedicated to achieving 100% satisfaction for our customers. Over the years, we have had many success stories from our happy customers. Here are just a few:

Vanessa N. Good - Lab Rep Co

CPS is a service provider that is also a partner. Jeff Hauber makes himself very accessible and for a small business like ours that is critical. We don’t keep technology professionals on staff and Jeff heeds every call and e-mail promptly. In addition, he knows his stuff. Communication technology is changing at the speed of light and he has helped us adapt over many years. He aided us in selecting a managed VOIP provider as well as getting us engineered internally to handle the changes. I can recommend CPS highly for reliability, practicality and effort!

Bob Back - BBack Car Care

I own commercial property with numerous buildings and commercial tenants in Doylestown. Throughout the years I have experienced minor mischievous issues. I became concerned these minor issues would turn into a major issue at some point for myself or one of my tenants.

I contacted Jeff and inquired about what he could do on the property with surveillance cameras. He put a plan together and installed numerous cameras throughout the property.

I know have complete access to the surveillance videos at my business, at my home and on my Android no matter where I am.

To date I have caught and prosecuted 2 hit and runs, 2 thugs causing property damage and 1 bogus slip and fall.

I would highly recommend Jeff Hauber from CPS-SOLUTIONS to any property owner.

Good company, trustworthy people.

Thanks Jeff

Robert Cherewich - Ophthalmology Physicians & Surgeons

Jeff installed and maintains the telephone systems in all eight of our locations. I have personally known Jeff for over sevens years and can attest to his exceptional knowledge and reliability. He has never let us down. For quality service, you can’t go wrong with Jeff Hauber and CPS

Doug Weinstein - Stanley N. Booz, LLC

We were having retrieving voicemails from our phone system and called Jeff to come in and solve our problem. Not only did Jeff resolve our voicemail issue, he breathed new life into our old system by showing us the capabilities our system had that we were not even aware when we called Jeff. I am looking forward to the day when we can bring Jeff back to expand our communications capabilities as our business continues to grow.

Ronald C. Herd Jr.-Daria Metal Fabricators, Inc.

Jeff Hauber and CPS have been taking care of our phone, VOIP and security cameras for over 15 years now. Jeff was originally hired to install and manage our Corporate phone systems. As years and technology progressed, so did Jeff. Never pushing technology that we didn’t need, but keeping us up to date with technology that would be beneficial to the growth and protection of our multiple businesses.

Presently, CPS maintains phones, VOIP and cameras within three of my Companies, cameras at my personal residence and phones, VOIP and cameras at my vacation home. Having the ability to be part of the daily operations of my businesses and not needing the ability to be confined to an office is a great asset for any owner. Distance no longer comes between you and your staff or facility. Watching over the building during a snow storm so you can make sure the lot is prepped properly for Employee safety while vacationing in Florida is just one small example of this technology CPS offers.

What we look for from all of our vendors is quality and dependability. CPS as a company and Jeff personally stand behind everything they do. When it comes to cameras, there is absolutely no comparison between store or catalog units and what CPS has to offer. Basically, a big waste of time and money. It’s overall product and security knowledge that Jeff offers which makes the difference. Haven’t found that in a box yet.

Having CPS on our team has truly made a difference on many different levels throughout our businesses. I would personally recommend CPS to anyone needing the technology, dependability and service they have to offer.

John Myers - Operational Integrations

Managing 28 locations has never been easier. The Cameras have allowed us to manage these locations more easily and with greater efficiency. Having a business partner like CPS in invaluable. Tell them what your goal is and they will design a solution that is guaranteed to work.


We simply provide the address of our location and CPS does the rest. They understand our needs which allows us to simply view the cameras at point of install.


CPS is extremely reliable and flexible as it pertains to scheduling.


Jeff Hauber is the MAN!